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In 1606 persecution was becoming more and more severe in England. Pastor John Robinson lead people to a place in Dutch where they could have religious freedom. However they were concerned for their children as they speculated they would not get the proper education as well as they did not want their children to get accustomed to the Dutch society. They left Dutch and went to the New World in hopes of starting fresh, as well as they sensed it was God’s calling for them. These people who traveled to the New World were known as Pilgrims.

In Holland, some of the Pilgrims stayed behind so they could raise money while other Pilgrims sent out on a ship known as the Speedwell. They made their way to England and met up with other recruits on the Mayflower. From there, the Speedwell started towards the New World. However, the ship had leaks and the Pilgrims had to go back to England. Because of the problems with the Speedwell, the Pilgrims had to cram into the Mayflower. Excess Pilgrims had to stay behind and wait until they could eventually find a way to go to the New World. For about 66 days at sea, the Mayflower finally reached land. However, due to a storm that threw them off course, they landed in territory outside of the London Company where they had permission to make a settlement. Winter was coming and the Pilgrims stayed at New Plymouth for shelter. The winter proved to be a challenge for the Pilgrims, food was scarce and all but 7 of them were sick. Nearly half the Pilgrims died by the time Spring came, but with the help with some Indians they were able to learn how to hunt, and plant crops in what they called New England. The Council for New England let them make a settlement there, and they celebrated a three-day feast known as the first Thanksgiving.

Despite the hardships and suffering it was worth it. It gave the Pilgrims freedom, and God’s sovereignty is demonstrated multiple times. (And they were rewarded with a three-day-feast. How awesome is THAT!?). The journey also had an impact on America, one example is that Plymouth’s second governor, Bradford, wrote a book, “The History of the Plymouth Plantation” and was the first American history book. The leadership in Plymouth came became a starting point for religious and political freedom in America today.


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  • 1. monguinhandel  |  September 19, 2013 at 2:42 pm

    Can you imagine being one of the 7 who weren’t sick, and having to take care of all the other people.


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