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Spain’s Influence on America


Spain influenced mainly the southern and western parts of America. The main religion in Spain was Roman Catholic, so therefore, they obviously brought Catholicism to America.  In fact many catholic Spaniards came to America to be missionaries to the Indians.  This was supposed to be the main purpose, but some just came for the gold.

 Other ways  Spain influenced America was with architectural designs, language, and  food.  The Spaniards used adobe bricks and rounded windows and door frames in their buildings.  You can still find many Spanish style buildings in southern and western parts of America.  Even though English became the language of America,  many Spanish words were incorporated into the English language.  They also brought new foods over such as lemons, oranges, cereals, and olives.

          Spaniards use the Stem Family structure in which the firstborn inherits the estate of his father.   when he/she would marry, their spouse would move into parents’ home and then their children would then be raised by the grandparents. This tradition is not used as widely as it was back then but some people in rural areas still use it. Even though America is mainly an English country, the Spanish still had a lot of influence on America.


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The Pennsylvania Deutsch

October 4th, 2013

A Brief History of the Pennsylvania Dutch




            The Pennsylvania Deutsch, incorrectly coined as the “Pennsylvania Dutch” by early English settlers, migrated in massive numbers from Germany and other countries such as “German speaking Swiss or German speaking refugee French Huguenots”. The majority of these emigrants were seeking religious freedom, as most were one of three religions, belonging to either Amish, Mennonite, or the Brethren, all of which were considered “Anabaptist” beliefs. The Anabaptist beliefs were greatly persecuted across Europe; forcing them to “flee to the mountains of Switzerland and southern Germany. Here began the Amish tradition of farming and holding worship services in homes rather than churches” Around the same time period (early 18th century) Pennsylvania had proven itself as a haven for religious freedom in the New World, specifically for Quakers. This was a great attraction for Deutschmen, and thus many emigrated with a large portion settling in towns such as Lancaster. Consequently, with such large portions of Germans settling in neighboring towns and cities, they had an incredibly strong influence on the heritage of the area; with Lancaster Country now hosting an Amish population of around 30,000 members. Properties of the Amish and Mennonite heritage were thereby passed to modern Pennsylvania, including great weight placed on the importance of Family structure and work ethic. Current-day Lancaster still holds impressively large amounts of Amish-owned farmland and even the modernized restaurants and shops of the tourist-attraction areas possess Amish traits. Traditional Amish meals are served, along with shops containing locally-based products. Unfortunately, the commercializing of the Amish tradition, especially in Pennsylvania, has led to the boundary becoming thinner between true Amish settlers and those simply exploiting the market. And yet, the Amish community of Pennsylvania continues to grow and prosper.








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Germans in the american colonies

Germans were a major immigrating force in the American colonies.  I chose Germany because my last name which is Handel, is German.  The German settlers came because they sought religious freedom.  Most of the Germans settled in Pennsylvania and became known as the Pennsylvania Dutch.  Some of the different groups were the Mennonites, Amish, German Reformed, Dunkers, and the Schwenkfelders.  The Germans influenced the shaping of Government, Foods, and Family Structure in the following ways.

Government – Germans immigrated to find religious and political freedom.  Unfortunately, the rich aristocrats were the ruling party, and took little interest in lower class citizens.  The common people, who were immigrants, could not speak fluid English.  They were often treated worse than slaves.  As a result, the common people seized the aristocratic government and shipped then back to England.  In order to have protection from the French, they elected a German named Jacob Leisler as their new governor.  Leisler was convinced that unless the French were driven from Canada, the colonies would not be safe.  He attempted to attack Quebec, but was unsuccessful.  After the failed attack, a new governor came from England and took command.  The aristocrats spread lies about Leisler and convinced the new governor while drunk to sign a death penalty for Leisler.  As a result, Leisler was hanged.

Foods – Some of the foods that the Germans brought over to the American colonies were chocolate, hot dogs, hamburgers, sausages, cheeses, breads, beer, and wine.

Family Structure – Most German families were farmers.  They brought a large amount of knowledge about farming from Germany.  The families spent long days in the fields working.  As a result of the aristocratic government, they continued to speak German and grouped themselves into settlements with other Germans.  One of the traditions brought over from the Germans was the Christmas tree.



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English what we got from them

The most colonists came from England. And with the English coming to America they brought many different religions, ways of government, and family structures. For the government England brought over the idea of parliament, Bills, Acts, and Rights. The English brought over lots of religions too such as Anglican, Protestant, Puritans, Baptists, Catholics, and Quakers. Early foods were a variety of beer, cider, porridge, or pies. Families consisted of either one man, women, and one child, or they were well off families with huge families.

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Irish Influence on America

Irish Influence on America

Irish influence on religion in America was not really heavy because the Irish were both of catholic and of protestant belief. Many of the Irish immigrants that came over in 1700 were both. They were both relatively balanced in their beliefs on religion, so this did not have a major impact on religion in America. At this time, the new Protestants and Catholics just added to the conflicts that were already going on at the time. The biggest influence was the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day. The Irish did not play a huge role in the way of a political or government influence on America, but the Irish originally left Ireland to get away from the English “Dictatorship.”  The Irish wanted more political freedom so what better country to come to than America. A major food influence in America at the time was corn beef.  With that dish, the Irish also brought cabbage with them.  For family structure, the Irish held the father responsible for the families well being and the way that the children were raised.  In the colonies, children were seen as a source of labor and the parents could decide the child’s future.  A result of this, there was no protection for the child even if the father was abusive.  As far as we can tell the cities with the most male Irish immigrants were New York/Brooklyn, Philadelphia, and Boston by 1890.   

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German Americans

          Many different countries migrated to America.  As a result it has become a very diverse land.  German Americans are known as the largest ancestry group here.  The first German American, Dr. Johannes Fleischer, came over in 1607 with the Jamestown colony.  Later in 1608, 5 German glassmakers and 3 German carpenters followed him.  As Germans continued to migrate through the 1680s to the 1760s, they began their own settlements.  The first permanent settlement was Germantown, Pennsylvania.  Most came over because of worsening opportunities for farm ownership in Europe, persecution of some religious groups, and military conscription.  They were drawn to America because it offered religious freedom and more land opportunities.  As they migrated to America they brought many traditions and their religion with them.  A large group of German Americans is evident today all across the country, they are known as the Amish.  The Amish religion stems from Christianity with mostly the same beliefs but they are stricter on separation from the world.  The Amish have become a big part of America and can be found all across the states.  Although German Americans have cut off their ties to the mother country the governmental structure has remained in their lives.  As a result of the many different nations that inhabit America, it has subtle influences from each nation located all throughout the governmental structure.  The Germans also brought over many different foods such as hot dogs and hamburgers.  These foods have had a major industrial impact with businesses such as Oscar Mayer.  German Americans have rich heritages reaching across their families.  They continue to make up a large sum of the American people today and their heritage includes some of the biggest people in our history such as Dwight D. Eisenhower and Herbert Hoover.  It is clear that the German society has had a major impact on the shaping of America.

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