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Napoleon was mainly interested in the Louisiana Purchase for two reasons.  First, he was a very greedy person and wanted not just the control of Britain, but also all of the New World, so he got control of the Louisiana Purchase, about one-third of the New World, from Spain.  Another reason he wanted the land was to provide food for the plantation workers in Haiti.  For awhile Napoleon had control over Haiti, but the slaves were fed up with the cruel lives Napoleon was forcing upon them, so they started an uprising.  The salves won and were no longer under Napoleon’s rule.  He no longer needed the land to provide food for them.

At this point in time, Jefferson feared that if Napoleon got the land, he would cut off trade, and this would force them to go to war.  So in an attempt to avoid war, he offered to buy New Orleans, but Napoleon offered to sell him all of the Louisiana Purchase, because he needed money more than land. Jefferson bought the Louisiana Purchase for $15,000,000.

I personally would not have wanted control of the Louisiana Purchase, because with the more land you govern, the work, money, and time you have to put in.  In other words, more responsibility.  And with greater responsibility, you have less time for some of the smaller things in life that can be just as important as the big things.


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