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Schools of the 1800’s

During the early 18th century responsibility of education fell under the family (homeschooling) and local parents of the community.  Learning the basic academics Math, English, etc. teachers at the time were chosen by parents in the community.  If the teacher did well he/she was respected by the community; if people of the community could pay the teacher, but if there were people who could not pay or afford to pay the teacher the teacher would receive meals and clothing or other items.  Most of the teachers at the time were young and inexperienced but most did their best to teach the kids there academics. As far as disciplinary action was taken was much stricter at the time, students had to say “yes’ sir No ‘sir Vise versa if the teacher was a woman.  Harsh Disciplinary action was taken towards students who misbehaved.

Most children at the time would attend a one room class room were all grades were grouped together, the teacher would teach each grade individually.  The older students would help the younger students with their subjects first before receiving help with theirs

At the time there was no government involvement in schooling.  Schooling was a community decision and project (up to the parents).  Books that were used at the time were McGuffey’s readers, Noah Webster’s Blue-backed Speller these are two examples of academic books.

School days were from 9:00 am in the morning to 4:00 PM is in the afternoon.  From what I have read about the way schooling was done at this time, I think that it would probably be better if we were to use the same system that they used then.  I’m not saying the books they used then or technology, I’m not saying the stuff we have now is obviously better what I’m trying to say is the way and the approach that they used then was so much more superior.


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Spanish American Turmoil Schools in the 1800’s

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  • 1. monguinhandel  |  December 12, 2013 at 4:09 pm

    its amazing how strict teachers were to their students back then.


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