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U.S. History, Silas Schaffer


The idea of basketball was first brought up in a YMCA in Springfield Massachusetts in 1891.  James Naismith was asked to help teach physical education a men’s class at the YMCA of Springfield Massachusetts. Because it was so cold outside he was asked to invent a new indoor game that the boys could play.  The concept that he came up with was from his childhood when him and his friends threw small pebbles to try and nock large boulders down.  The other partial part of the idea came about from him watching Rugby players throwing practice balls into a box.  James Naismith put the two together and then took two peach baskets and nailed them up to the walls on opposite sides , the first basketball games were crude in design compared to what we have know, but official rules were written out in 1892. Metal rims and hemlock baskets were used at hoops in the beginning of 1893. The first basketball was made out of a two peach basket half’s.  I found this quite interesting and a lot of people actually do not know the history behind basketball, to most people it just appeared out of nowhereImage


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Education in the 1800s Tennis

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