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Mark Handel



James Naismith invented the sport of basketball in the winter of 1891-1892 to keep his students in a physical education class occupied.


What type of people played this sport?

Men in college or older usually played the sport.  Blacks didn’t play until 1902 when they allowed Bucky Lew to play.


Was it played professionally?  If so by whom?

It was first played professionally in 1898.  The first known basketball game was on November 7, 1896.  The first teams came from the bigger cities on the East coast.


What equipment did they use to play it?

When basketball was first invented, they used a peach basket and a ball.  They first used a regular soccer ball before they came out with a basketball.  Later, they switched to rings so they didn’t have to fetch the ball when it was in the peach basket.

Was it played by schools and colleges?

Colleges started taking interest in basketball in 1901.  Basketball was played by many colleges including Trenton, Minnesota, Utah, Chicago, and Columbia.


How does it differ from the modern day sport?

One of the things that was different about it was that when it first started the ball was shot into a peach basket rather than a hoop.  When it first came out, the players were not allowed to dribble the ball.  Instead, when the received the ball, they either had to shoot a basket or pass to another team player.


Why is the history of sports important?

The history of sports can help you know why they are played or you can learn about the culture of the country which came up with the sport.





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