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Who played it?

Basketball was invented by James Naismith while he taught physical education at International Young Men’s Christian Association. He created the sport to be a combination of soccer, baseball, and football, encouraging teamwork and competition. When the sport started getting more popular, being played mostly by college teams around 1896. The sport got its first professional team about 2 years later.


At first, teams used a regular soccer ball, until the official basketball was made in 1894. James Naismith, for the first game, used a peach baskets as the goals (thus how the sport got its name). The goal then advanced in 1893 to a different type of basket with net that was fastened with chains at the bottom to catch the ball. In 1912, the typical basket was made, open at the bottom to allow the ball to fall straight through. The team players wore either football pants, jersey tights or short padded pants and knee guards.

Basketball then and now

Originally, the game was played in two halves, each half 15 minutes long, later changed to each half lasting 20 minutes. Team sizes were also different; at first it didn’t matter the size of the team, however, it eventually changed in 1897 in which five players were on each team.

Importance of the history of sports

Learning about the history of something helps everyone see how it has changed, advanced and progressed. Everyone is familiar with sports because it is a big part of our culture. Thus, by learning about the history of sports, we are learning a little bit about the history of our culture, other than just learning about the wars, government and laws that were formed and how they were formed.





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