John Decatur Barry Presentation Sources

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Danielle Wood

Source 1

Date: May 15, 2003

Context: genealogy forum post

Content: John Decatur Barry’s birthplace, birthdate, parent’s names, education, first and last positions in the war, time of death, and grave site.

Significance: It provides all of the known info on John Decatur Barry’s early life.

This is all that is known about his life before the war.  We will use these few known facts about his early life to tell his story.

Source 2

Date: N/A

Context: Biography

Content: John Decatur Barry’s time in the Civil War

Significance: It gives the complete history of his promotions during the war and the battles he took place in.

This will be used to give a clear history on his promotions throughout the war and his part in the major battles.

Source 3

Date: March 22, 2013

Context: article

Content: John Decatur Barry’s life

Significance: This is our most detailed source regarding the battles he took place in and his life before and after the war.

This will be of great use to us in our interview regarding his life before and after the war.




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Cricket John Barry Sources

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