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-Written by Craig Pippen in 2013 (it wasn’t very specific)

-It is an article

-The article goes over the major events in his life

-It tells us about the man who greatly affected the war

-It can help answer some of our interview questions


-No date provided


-It tells a bit more about his life before the war.

-It gives us an idea of what his life was like as a younger man


-No date


-It goes over his part in the war

-It’s nice to know about all the side events in a war

-It gives us lots of extra information on his injuries, battles, promotions, etc.


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        Cricket was invented in 1877.  It was played mainly by fast, athletic men.  William Gilbert Grace was one of the first cricket players.  He played for 44 years and retired when he was around 50. The required equipment is kind of similar to baseball.  One thing you need is simply a ball.  Cricket balls are normally red or white and they are wrapped in twine and then covered with leather. Next, you need a bat.  The bats are all wood from some sort of willow tree.  Some other necessary pieces of equipment are stumps and bails.  Cricket was played in some schools and some people just played it for fun. It isn’t played in America as much as it used to.  I think that there are many ways that sports are important. It brought many families together by giving them an enjoyable activity to either participate in or cheer for.  

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Education in the 1800s

Education in the 1800s

Teachers in the 1800s did not have as many qualifications as they do today.  In the 1800s, all you needed was a basic knowledge of math, history, reading, and writing. Today you need a college degree.  Back then, most of the teachers were men, but when the civil war started the men were needed to fight.  Teaching was one of the only jobs women could do in the 1800s.  Also, teachers then were not allowed to do things like dance at social gathering or be away from home in the evening, and keep the schoolhouse clean. The women were also not allowed to marry. 

            The students were all kept in one room.  Boys were on one side and girls were on the other.  Unlike today, they were not grouped by grades, but by what book they were using.  This means that some five-year-olds could be in a class with seventeen-year-olds.  Some of the books they used were the Bible, the McGuffey Readers and The Blue-Backed Speller.  The McGuffey’s readers were written by William H. McGuffey.  They were the most commonly distributed schoolbooks in America.  The Blue-backed Speller was written by Noah Webster and was a very popular spelling book.  Around 60 million copies were sold within the first 50 years.

            Before the year of 1852, there were no laws requiring people to go to school.  Massachusetts was the first state to make a law forcing children to go to school.  New York quickly did the same, and within the next all the other states also made it a requirement.

            Most school days lasted from nine AM to four PM.  They got a lunch break from twelve to one, and a recess.

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Monroe Doctrine

       John Quincy Adams wrote the Monroe Doctrine in 1823 in response to Austria, Russia, Prussia, and France’s threat to help Spain reconquer its colonies in the New World.  It stated that America would not tolerate any European countries attempting to colonize.  It also vowed that America would likewise not interfere with European affairs.  The significance of the Monroe Doctrine was that it worked.  It stopped those countries from intruding into North and Central America.  It was not necessarily fear of America that made them comply, but their fear of England. Later presidents had also used this document for settling conflicts. 


  • The book

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Napoleon was mainly interested in the Louisiana Purchase for two reasons.  First, he was a very greedy person and wanted not just the control of Britain, but also all of the New World, so he got control of the Louisiana Purchase, about one-third of the New World, from Spain.  Another reason he wanted the land was to provide food for the plantation workers in Haiti.  For awhile Napoleon had control over Haiti, but the slaves were fed up with the cruel lives Napoleon was forcing upon them, so they started an uprising.  The salves won and were no longer under Napoleon’s rule.  He no longer needed the land to provide food for them.

At this point in time, Jefferson feared that if Napoleon got the land, he would cut off trade, and this would force them to go to war.  So in an attempt to avoid war, he offered to buy New Orleans, but Napoleon offered to sell him all of the Louisiana Purchase, because he needed money more than land. Jefferson bought the Louisiana Purchase for $15,000,000.

I personally would not have wanted control of the Louisiana Purchase, because with the more land you govern, the work, money, and time you have to put in.  In other words, more responsibility.  And with greater responsibility, you have less time for some of the smaller things in life that can be just as important as the big things.

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Spain’s Influence on America


Spain influenced mainly the southern and western parts of America. The main religion in Spain was Roman Catholic, so therefore, they obviously brought Catholicism to America.  In fact many catholic Spaniards came to America to be missionaries to the Indians.  This was supposed to be the main purpose, but some just came for the gold.

 Other ways  Spain influenced America was with architectural designs, language, and  food.  The Spaniards used adobe bricks and rounded windows and door frames in their buildings.  You can still find many Spanish style buildings in southern and western parts of America.  Even though English became the language of America,  many Spanish words were incorporated into the English language.  They also brought new foods over such as lemons, oranges, cereals, and olives.

          Spaniards use the Stem Family structure in which the firstborn inherits the estate of his father.   when he/she would marry, their spouse would move into parents’ home and then their children would then be raised by the grandparents. This tradition is not used as widely as it was back then but some people in rural areas still use it. Even though America is mainly an English country, the Spanish still had a lot of influence on America.

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Social classes

I think we have an excellent social system right now. I don’t like the idea of feudalism in that, someone completely awesome and hardworking could be born into a low class and even though he has the ability to be at the top of the class, he has to stay where he was because of where he was born. Europe used this for centuries, and it was very oppressive to people. I think that you should be known for how diligently you work instead of if were lucky enough to get born into the right family. Capitalism provides America with this great privilege.

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